Sunday, May 27, 2018

DBDS Showcase of Dance

Recital Information and Tips – Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3rd
Port Perry Town Hall 1873, Queen St. Port Perry

I can’t believe the end of the season is almost here!  Our annual event that every dancer looks forward to, to show their talent and hard work to their families and friends, is soon upon us.  Here are a few reminders to make your recital weekend stress-free and enjoyable for all!

1.      Know your show time and order of your dances - order was emailed to those in multiple dances, or email if you need to receive one as it is to much too post here.
2.      Have all your costumes, tights and accessories ready to go the night before – make sure you have your tights!
3.      Have all your hair equipment and make-up – we are wearing buns for all dances.  Make sure you have a hairnet, good quality elastics, and plenty of hairpins.  The best hairpins are the ones purchased at a dance store.
4.      Do a practice bun sometime during the week if you have not done a bun before.
5.      Check your shoes! 

Costumes and Tights
-          Just a reminder that we wear beige tights for jazz and tap, and pink tights for ballet or for ballet/tap combo classes.  If you are in need of new tights, they are available at Uxbridge Shoes and Repair.

On recital day
1.      Get ready at home.  Dancers must arrive with their hair and make-up done and their tights on.  Costumes can be put on at home or at the theatre.
2.      Arrive early!  Dancers may be dropped off 45 minutes prior to their show time and doors open  to the public 30 minutes prior to show time.  PARKING IS VERY LIMITED.   Please be prepared to walk a few minutes from where you will park. Hopefully it will be a sunny day!
3.      Younger dancers and dancers who are not in multiple routines will have a reserved seat in the audience.  They will be ushered to their seat upon arrival.  Ifthey have two types of shoes, please send in a ziplock bag and clearly label both the shoes and the bag. Helpers will assist them in changing shoes backstage between their dances.
4.      “Dancing Flowers”  Florist will be on site with flowers and gifts that parents can purchase for their dancers. 
5.      Make this a special day for your dancer.  No matter what age, they have practiced all year and this is it.  We have talked excitedly about it for months and it’s the highlight of the year.  Smile, take pictures and praise their hard work!

After the recital
            The two weeks after the recital, there will be “workshop” style classes and also exam prep classes for our exams on June 14.  The schedule for these weeks will be emailed and posted on the blog as well this weeks.  Dancers can attend any class for their age and level.  Dancers are welcome to bring friends too!

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