Monday, March 20, 2017

Oshawa Little Theatre Comp Results

Placing Awards
1st Place in Category - Sarah Arnold - Novice Acro solo
1st Place in Category - Me And My Girls - Inter Novice Jazz
1st Place in Category - Jerry's Comp Lyrical solo - Where Are You Now

Overall Awards for Competition
1st Place Overall Novice Group - Cool Cats - Junior Tap
3rd Place Overall Novice Solo - Sarah O. - Brave
2nd Place Overall Novice Group - Me And My Girls
2nd Place Overall Novice Duet - Today is Yesterdays' Tomorrow - Miranda and Anna
4th PLace Overall Competitive Soloist - Jerry - Where Are You Now
1st Place Overall Sr. Comp Group - Memories - Sr Ballet
5th Place Overall Competitive Soloist - Mind Heist - Kayleigh
1st Place Overall Competitive Duet/Trio - Unspoken - Acro Trio

Highest Overall Novice Ballet Routine - Umbrella - Ella
Highest Overall Pointe Routine - Sail - Sr. Pointe

Special Awards and Acknowledgements
Teamwork Award - Payton and Laine Acro Duet
Style Award - Hayley and Jerry duet
Artistry Award - Jerry's Pointe solo
Artistry Award - Sail Sr. Pointe
Performance Award - Rise up , Alyson's solo
Performance Award - Scars To Your Beautiful - Meghan's solo
Strength Award - Dance Off - Sr. Hip Hop
Grace Award - Jr Ballet, Flowers in the WInd

Choreography Award - Amanda Hall - "Unspoken"
Choreography Award - Eileen McCartney - "Memories"
Perform, Celebrate, Grow Award - Eileen McCartney

Highest Scoring Routines for DanceBridge
Unspoken Acro Trio
Mind Heist - Acro solo
Where are You Now - Jerry's lyrical solo

Congrats to everyone who performed! It was a great weekend!

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