Thursday, September 7, 2017

Positive Words... A good read!

While the recital was so long ago now, I just thought I should share the following letter I received with you all. I graciously accepted this letter and shared with some of the teachers. However I was encouraged to share it with the whole DBDS family. These positive words not only speak of the DBDS staff and all the recital helpers, but also the dancers, families and parents who are the backbone to our dance family.

Paul Parker Sound Design/Production


This is a note to congratulate your dance group on putting on a very professional dance receital program on June 10th at the Town Hall Theatre Port Perry.
I have been designing and producing audio for over forty five years and your performance was one of the best I have seen professional or amateur.
Your attention to detail both in pre planning and execution shows the highest level of dedication to your craft and students.
The selection of musical score reflected well in the dance routines and your students preformed them with exceptional talent. From the youngest to the adult it was a very pleasurable experience.
I believe that the hard work your group does on a daily basis was well reflected in a great performance.

Paul Parker
6 Starr Blvd.
Little Brittan Ont.

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